The Benefits of Home-Based Behavioral Healthcare

It is a sad reality that very few doctors and therapists make house calls nowadays.  To access high quality behavioral healthcare, it is necessary to check credentials, talk to the secretary, and set up an appointment at the provider’s community-based clinic.  For many clients, though, community-based behavioral healthcare is not possible due to illness or disability that keeps them from leaving their homes.  For other clients, they would prefer to have a choice and would like the “clinic to come to them.”  They want to access high quality behavioral healthcare in the convenience, comfort, privacy, and security of their own homes.

Indeed, there are many reasons why home-based behavioral healthcare might be considered to be superior to community-based behavioral healthcare.  The following are but  a few of the reasons:

  • Convenience – For many clients, the idea of not having to leave the house to access high quality behavioral healthcare is very, very appealing.
  • Comfort – It can be difficult for some clients to visit a behavioral healthcare clinic.  The office might seem sterile or “off-putting.”  But, the clients’ home environments are familiar and can ease the clients and behavioral healthcare provider in building their professional relationship.
  • Privacy – There is often stigma associated with visiting a behavioral healthcare clinic.  Many clients are self-conscious and this can be a barrier in some clients seeking professional help when it is needed.  Home-based behavioral healthcare services are totally discrete and private – allowing some clients to seek professional help that, otherwise, would not.
  • Security – For some clients there is concern, and even fear, over accessing behavioral healthcare services within the community – not knowing if the areas into which they are traveling are safe or if the building is secure.  Home-based behavioral healthcare services removes this concern for clients – putting their minds at ease.
  • Natural Environment – Many emotional and behavioral problems begin in the home environment – for instance, compulsive hoarding, defiance in children, or family tensions.  Home-based behavioral healthcare is able to directly access and observe these problems within their natural environment and to target treatments based on clinical observations designed to have maximum impact within the very environment where the problems started.  This is a fundamental advantage of home-based behavioral healthcare that community-based behavioral healthcare cannot match.