Mediation allows you to negotiate solutions to your disputes in a safe, comfortable, confidential environment with a neutral, impartial mediator – often allowing you to stay out of court and avoid the expensive costs associated with attorneys and litigation. Mediation has the benefit of being a voluntary and confidential process where both parties have agreed to participate and are committed to reaching agreement and results of the negotiations cannot be used later in a court or administrative hearing (with the exception of the report of threats of violence and unreported abuse involving children or elderly).

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Mediation can be used to resolve all sorts of problems and is especially effective in the areas of family conflict, co-parenting, uncontested divorces, workplace complaints, and personal financial disputes.

Mediation can be effective before, during, or even after a court case. For instance, you might decide to mediate distribution of marital assets and spousal maintenance payments prior to involving any attorneys in the divorce proceeding. Agreements that are reached in mediation are drawn up in writing by the mediator, attested to by both parties, and may then be reviewed by your attorney, composed in legal format, and filed with the courts in your county.

Dr. Mark Parisi is a non-attorney, certified mediator and has experience and expertise providing family and business mediation services. As a psychologist, Dr. Parisi is skilled in helping you to navigate the conflict and emotions that often present in mediation and can stymie the mediation process. As a non-attorney, you can be reassured that Dr. Parisi has no vested interest or agenda in turning your disputes into expensive legal cases or running a meter. On the contrary, Dr. Parisi is often able to drawn on his background in human behavior to help his clients more quickly and efficiently reach agreement on their disputes.

Read My Free e-Book, "The 7 Benefits of Using Mediation When Going through a Divorce."
Read My Free e-Book, “The 7 Benefits of Using Mediation When Going through a Divorce.”

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