Low Cost Psychiatric Services in Chicago, Illinois

The cost of mental health services has gone through the roof in the Windy City. Finding low cost Psychiatric services in Chicago, Illinois is becoming increasingly more difficult. The economy is hitting everybody hard, including the local mental health facilities however; people still need to have the Psychiatric care necessary for their health and well-being.

Search Social Services

Many social services directories include practitioners offering low cost Psychiatric services in Chicago, Illinois. All you need to do is contact your local Department of Social Services and ask them for help. They will provide you with a list of qualified Doctors who will take a lesser fee to ensure that you will become mentally healthy again.

Deal with the Doctor

A lot of office managers will quote you broad prices and will not consider your situation. If this happens, ask to speak to the Doctor directly. More than likely, he will understand your needs and financial situation and opt to provide you with the low cost Psychiatric services in Chicago, Illinois that you need. Don’t expect to be put right through but do expect the Doctor to call you back. Good Psychiatrists care more about their patients’ well-being than the almighty dollar.

For truly affordable, quality behavioral healthcare services, contact Dr. Parisi & Associates, P.C. at (847) 909-9858. They will gladly provide you with a free telephone consultation or you can set up an appointment to seek one of the practitioners.