Sliding Scale Psychiatrists in Chicago, Illinois

There are very few people in and around the city that haven’t taken a swift kick in the pants from the downturn of the economy. Businesses have been downsizing causing more people to collect unemployment and less people to have health insurance. This is a travesty for a nation with such great and hardworking people. Fortunately, some mental healthcare professionals have changed their billing methods to help those in need of services but cannot afford them. Sliding scale Psychiatrists in Chicago, Illinois are now available. 

The Affordable Solution

Mental health facilities providing sliding scale Psychiatrists in Chicago, Illinois are making services much more affordable for their patients. They understand that their services are necessary, even though times are tough and money is tight. The directors of these facilities have stepped up to the plate and are offering sliding scale Psychiatrists in Chicago, Illinois.

The sliding scale is relatively easy to understand. The fees that are charged to the patient will increase or decrease according to their income. Those who have higher incomes will pay more while those with lower incomes will pay less. Sliding scale Psychiatrists in Chicago, Illinois now make mental healthcare affordable for all.

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