Sliding Scale Psychologists in Chicago, Illinois

The cost of mental health care seems to be increasing by the day while the economy continues to go downhill. People are having a tough enough time keeping a roof over their heads and food in their bellies that they simply cannot afford to pay for the mental health services they need. There are sliding scale Psychologists in Chicago, Illinois that can help make your visits more affordable.

Making a Difference

It costs about $150 for the average visit to a Psychologist and many people need these services more than once each week. This is more money than the average family can afford to pay. Sliding scale Psychologists in Chicago, Illinois are paid according to the patient’s income. Patients on a fixed income will pay significantly less than those who earn six figures a year. This is a great way for people to obtain the mental healthcare that they need while staying within their budgets. Sliding scale Psychologists in Chicago, Illinois provide a much needed service to the community as a whole.

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